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3 Myths About Emergency Dentistry: Busted

Nobody wants to experience a dental emergency, but they do happen. Whether you’ve pulled out a dental crown, you suffered an oral injury, or you’ve been dealing with a persistent toothache, you may find yourself in need of emergency dentistry in SouthEnd, Dilworth, Myers Park, or Uptown.

The team at SouthEnd Dentistry wants our patients to be prepared and informed when it comes to dental emergencies. Here are a few common myths we’ve heard about oral injuries and emergencies, and a perspective from dental professionals that will help ensure you get the care you need:

A Toothache Doesn’t Count As A Dental Emergency

This is not true! A toothache is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. Toothaches are commonly caused by decay, but can also be caused by oral trauma. If your tooth hurts for more than a day, chances are that you need emergency dental care, whether it’s a filling, root canal, or other restorative treatment.

As a rule, we define a dental emergency as any condition that is causing you pain and discomfort that you cannot treat on your own. If your condition meets these criteria, you’re experiencing an emergency and should call our office right away.

It’s Not Important To Get Emergency Dental Care Right Away

This is completely false! Getting fast emergency dental treatment is the best way to save your tooth and eliminate the pain and discomfort of your dental emergency. Some conditions, like a knocked-out tooth, must be treated by Dr. Picot within 1-2 hours in order to save your tooth. The sooner you come into SouthEnd Dentistry, the sooner you can get relief from pain and restore your smile. Call us for a same-day appointment as soon as you notice your emergency.

Going To The Emergency Room Is A Better Option Than Seeing An Emergency Dentist

This is almost never true. Most emergency rooms do not have a dentist on call, so they will often refer you to a nearby emergency dentist. Even if you do get treatment from a dentist at the ER, it will typically be much more costly than seeing an emergency dentist like Dr. Picot.

However, you should definitely go to the ER if:

  • You believe your jaw may be broken or fractured
  • Your mouth has been bleeding heavily for several hours, and the bleeding shows no sign of stopping
  • Your mouth or throat is swelling and interfering with your airway or ability to swallow
  • You have experienced trauma to your head and neck

Contact Us For Emergency Dentistry In Charlotte!

No matter where you are in Charlotte, SouthEnd Dentistry is here to help with emergency dental care. With same-day emergency appointments available, sedation to help relieve your discomfort, and experienced care from Dr. Picot, you’ll be able to treat your issue and get back to your day-to-day life. To schedule your appointment, give us a call at (704) 335-8266, or stop by our office at 1520 South Blvd, Suite 110, Charlotte, NC 28203.  

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