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Complete Dentures

Restore Your Entire Smile

Complete or “full” dentures consist of a full mouth of replacement teeth. They’re intended to replace all of your teeth and completely restore your mouth, and at SouthEnd Dentistry. Contact us now for an appointment or learn more about the process below.


The Complete Dentures Process


Initial Consultation

First, you’ll need to come to SouthEnd Dentistry to make sure that complete dentures are right for you. Our Dentist will only recommend them if they are your only option, since they will require the removal of any remaining healthy teeth. He may recommend alternatives like dental crowns and bridges or dental implants, if appropriate.



Tooth Extractions & Temporaries

To begin the process, all of your remaining teeth will be extracted. Before this happens, our team will take impressions of your mouth at a separate appointment and build a set of temporary dentures that you will be able to wear immediately after the procedure. This ensures you can bite and chew normally, protect your gums, and get used to wearing dentures as you heal from your extractions.


redhaired ginger female with snow-white smile holding white wisdom tooth after surgery removal of a tooth
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Gum Impressions & Wax Bite Form

Once your mouth has healed from the extraction procedure, you will come in for an appointment with our team to have impressions of your gums taken. Our dentist will also use a wax bite form to record information about your bite and to help determine the proper position, size, and orientation of the teeth that will be placed in your dentures.

Once this is done, Our dentist will send all of this information to a dental lab, where a set of test dentures will be built. These will then be sent back to our office.



Denture Try-In & Follow-Ups

When your test dentures arrive at our office, you will come in for a denture try-in. Your test dentures will consist of acrylic teeth in a wax base, and will simulate how your final set of dentures will look and feel once they’ve been built.

During this appointment, you will be able to look at your teeth and discuss how you feel about them with our dentist. He will also test how they fit and function, and examine them to make sure everything looks good.

Usually, you’ll come in for a few follow-ups as adjustments are made to your dentures. This takes a few weeks, but ensures that your permanent dentures fit perfectly.


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Final Denture Fitting & Follow-Up

Once you’ve had a few denture try-ins, our dentist will work with the dental lab to build your final set of permanent dentures. Using the wax mold as a base, a set of teeth will be cast in a comfortable acrylic material that will look and feel natural, and fit over your gums perfectly.

You’ll come into our office to pick up your dentures, and to get instructions on how to wear them and care for them. Our dentist will usually also have you come in for a final follow-up in a few weeks to discuss the fit of your dentures and check for any soreness or issues related to the comfort and fit of your dentures.