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Preventative Dentistry

Six Month Checkups

These professional cleanings help maintain the health of your mouth, and regular exams will help our dentist detect any issues and address them before they become larger problems.

An initial exam at SouthEnd dentistry includes a visual examination, charting, periodontal probing, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations. We’ll also take comprehensive x-rays to ensure any diagnosis is as accurate as possible.

Our dentist is committed to bringing you the best preventative care, so your smile will last a lifetime. And with just two visits a year, we can screen for major health concerns and help you maintain a smile you’re proud of. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a dentist in Charlotte.


Preventative Measures


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You may be familiar with the history of fluoride. It is a naturally occurring mineral that has proven to be essential to oral health – so much so that it was added to public drinking water in the United States starting in the 40s. Fluoride is beneficial, especially in children, because it remineralizes the teeth by becoming part of the crystalline structure of tooth enamel, hardening it and making it more resistant to acid attack. Amazingly it can even help repair small cavities that are already forming. At SouthEnd Dentistry, our dentist offers fluoride treatments during your regular checkups, and recommends brushing with a fluoridated toothpaste.


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A sealant is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a clear, plastic film that cover the tooth, protecting it from bacteria, plaque and decay. Although brushing and flossing regularly, as well as seeing the dentist every 6-months, will help you maintain good oral health, teeth naturally have rough and uneven surfaces. Those surfaces make brushing a little more difficult for young patients. There are plenty of crevices that bacteria and plaque can hide, which creates the perfect breeding ground for decay. When used correctly, sealants protect the teeth and allow bacteria to easily be washed away. They’re perfect for young children who have not yet experienced cavities, but can also be useful for older patients who do not show signs of decay.

Doctor talking with her patient and teaching a radiograph. Medical Concept.
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Oral cancer is often terminal because of late diagnosis. But with oral cancer screenings at your 6-month dental visits, Charlotte emergency dentist can uncover any abnormalities and make sure you get treated in a timely manner. At SouthEnd Dentistry, we use the latest and most trusted technology in our oral cancer screenings. The VELscope uses a special spectrum of light to illuminate abnormalities, helping our dentist find problems that might otherwise go unnoticed by the naked eye.




Night Guards

A little tooth grinding once in a while can be a normal response to stress; in fact, becoming aware of the condition is often the first step to controlling it. But if you begin to notice issues that could stem from bruxism — or if the loud grinding sounds cause problems for your sleeping partner — it may be time to contact us or schedule an appointment. Night guards are great solution to help protect your teeth and jaw.


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