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CEREC Same-Day Crowns

CEREC Same-Day Crowns

Advances in materials and 3D fabrication technologies have made it possible to create stable, lasting porcelain crowns in only a few hours. If you come in and need crown work, your Charlotte dentist may recommend this simple fix.


What is CEREC?

Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics or CEREC, is an instrument that allows dentists to quickly and effectively fabricate natural-looking ceramic dental crowns. CEREC technology has many applications, but it is most often used when patients need a lasting, reliable solution that only takes one visit to place.

How CEREC Works


3D Dental Imagery

Southend Dentistry uses premier 3D dental imaging to capture dental impression of your dental health, we work with our patients to examine their options and discuss the best treatment plan for their specific needs.



Our high quality CEREC blocs consist of a strong chromatic dentin covered by a translucent layer of enamel that is color-matched and expertly milled in our CEREC machine to look and feel just like a natural, strong tooth.


Same-Day Results

3D imaging software designs and crafts the ideal shape, color and size of your tooth in-office for
exceptional placement of the new, natural looking dental crown into the mouth using the best in precision technology.

What to Expect With CEREC?

The process for placing a CEREC crown is not unlike other dental procedures. First, the dentist will clean and scan the area where the new crown will be placed. Using the information obtained in the scan, our team will use a milling unit to create a crown that mimics the old tooth structure as closely as possible. While the crown is being made, the tooth is prepared so the crown can be affixed to a stable anchor.

Our dentist then uses a special adhesive to permanently place the crown. Once set, he can make minor adjustments to the contours of the tooth so it feels as natural as possible. Once you’re happy with the look and feel of your new CEREC crown, you can walk out of our offices with a good-as-new smile!



Why Is It Important?

Every time you visit us, we learn a little bit more about your smile, and give you the latest recommendations for maintaining your oral health. If we spot any issues such as irregular tooth alignment or buildup associated with cavity formation, we’ll do our best to recommend the most effective preemptive measures. The most severe and painful circumstances are often easily resolved when caught early enough, so make sure you make the time to fit South End Dentistry into your schedule. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.