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Digital Dentistry

Dental Technology

In recent years, dental engineers have improved and perfected surgical and imaging technologies that have made dentist visits faster, easier, and less intrusive. At SouthEnd Dentistry, we offer many of these advanced technologies to give you the latest in dental excellence.

SouthEnd Technology


Digital X-Rays

Our digital x-ray technology allows us to take snapshots of your teeth and jaw to create a full set of highly accurate images. This process minimizes your exposure to x-ray radiation while providing clear images that are immediately available for viewing on our monitors. With these precise images, Dr. Picot can quickly identify cavities, cracks and other issues. He can even show you where the problems are, which allow you to make more informed decisions about your oral health.


CEREC Technology

We are proud to offer CEREC technology to create same day crowns, giving patients their smiles back sooner. Before CEREC, patients would need to take impressions, which would be sent out to an offsite laboratory. These labs would take weeks to create a single crown. Patients would have to wear ill-fitting, temporary crowns and come back for a second appointment to have their permanent crowns placed.

Now, we can scan your mouth, upload the images to a 3D CAD program, and have the crown milled right in our office. There’s no need for impressions, temporaries, or waiting. Getting a crown has never been easier.


Early Detection Scans

When it comes to your oral health, early detection is everything. That’s why we only trust the best imaging and sensing technology to help us find and diagnose potential issues. To detect early signs of oral cancer, we use VELscope technology. It uses a special spectrum of LED, illuminating even the smallest abnormalities. Similar to the VELscope, we use DIAGNOdent equipment to reveal minor imperfections, such as cracks and pits in teeth. Let us stop oral and dental issues in their tracks, and keep your mouth healthy.


Laser Surgery

Did you know, that high-powered lasers are a fantastic option for dental surgery? It’s actually a less-invasive form of dental surgery. And depending on the case, we use special pulsing lasers to remove dead and dying tissues, and even prep teeth for extraction.

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