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Dental Crowns

Do I Need a Crown?

Our dentist may recommend a crown for a cracked, broken or decayed tooth. The crown, or cap, is a professionally-crafted cover for the damage. It also can prevent further decay of a tooth and ultimately save it from requiring a root canal or extraction. Crowns can also be used to treat teeth that have had root canal therapy.

Another instance in which a crown is needed is in conjunction with a bridge. A bridge will replace a missing tooth by suspending a false tooth between two natural teeth. The adjacent natural teeth are used as anchors for the bridge, and are prepared and capped with crowns that attach to the prosthetic.


CEREC Crowns

SouthEnd Dentistry uses the latest in dental technology to bring you fast, functional, and beautiful dental crowns. Using a 3D scanner, Charlotte dentist our dentist is able to create a highly detailed 3D model of your teeth. That model is sent to the in-office milling unit, which creates the crown using a porcelain or ceramic compound. Once the crown is complete, our dentist will install and refine your new tooth to feel as natural as possible. And that’s it! You can walk out with your new crown in just one day.


What Is The Dental Crown Procedure?

The CEREC dental crown procedure at SouthEnd Dentistry is relatively straightforward. First, our dentist will begin by cleaning and numbing your mouth. Then, he will use specialized dental tools to remove any damaged enamel, then shape the tooth into a stable, sturdy platform onto which your crown will be placed.

After he has prepared your tooth, our dentist will use a hand-held intraoral scanner to take a 3D image of your mouth. This 3D image will be uploaded to a CEREC computer, which will turn the image into a model of your crown. our dentist will make adjustments, and then finalize the design.

Then, our dentist will load a porcelain block into our CEREC milling machine, and the machine will automatically cut your crown into the proper size and shape. Once this process has been completed, our dentist will check your crown to make sure that it fits properly, and bond it into place permanently.


How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

Mostly, this depends on how well you care for your new crown. In most cases, crowns will last at least 10-15 years, though they can last longer. To care for your crown, simply brush twice a day and floss regularly, and see our dentist for a check-up every six months.

You should also avoid doing anything with your crown that would damage it. Your crown is just about as strong as a natural tooth, so anything that could break a tooth can also break a crown. Avoid chewing non-food objects (fingernails, pens, etc.) or extremely hard foods (ice, nuts, etc.) with your crowns. In addition, if you grind your teeth at night, it’s critical to get a nightguard to prevent premature wear and damage to your crown and your natural teeth.


How Are Dental Crowns Made?

At our office, we use CEREC technology to build custom dental crowns in just a single appointment. That means that instead of sending your information to a third-party dental lab, we can build your crown directly in our office.

The process of making a CEREC crown begins with a scan of your mouth. Then, this information is uploaded into a special CEREC software, where our dentist can make adjustments and confirm the design of your crown.

The final step is to load a block of tooth-colored porcelain into our CEREC milling machine. This block will be chosen based on the color of your teeth so that it matches the rest of your smile perfectly once it is placed. Then, the machine follows the instructions provided by our dentist and automatically cuts the crown into the proper shape and size.


Are Dental Crowns Expensive?

The price of a dental crown at SouthEnd Dentistry can vary depending on the location of your damaged tooth, your oral health, and a few other factors. However, crowns are affordable and are typically covered by most dental insurance plans. If you would like an estimate for the cost of your dental crown, contact the team at SouthEnd Dentistry for a consultation with our dentist today.


CEREC vs. Traditional Crowns

Traditional crowns sometimes require physical impressions with messy putty and require you to wear temporary crowns to protect your teeth after we’ve filed them down in preparation for the crowns. Then, you need to return for a separate appointment once your crowns are ready, which can take a few weeks.

CEREC crowns enable us to restore damaged, cracked, or decayed teeth instantly, without any long waiting periods. With CEREC crowns, we’re able to expedite the process to a full restoration within one appointment, and no need for temporary crowns!

This cuts down on appointment-related costs and time spent traveling to and from appointments. We create your dental crowns from a digital impression, craft the crowns in-house, and cement them into place.

Best of all, CEREC crowns fit more snugly and comfortably and reduce tooth sensitivity. No one wants to wait around for weeks to restore their damaged or decayed teeth. With the help of computer-aided technology, CEREC crowns are created with precision and are even more likely to better match the shade of your natural teeth.

There are so many advantages to opting for CEREC dental crowns, such as less time in the dental chair, no waiting times or multiple appointments, a high level of precision, and a minimally invasive procedure.

Caring for Dental Crowns

You can expect your CEREC crowns to last for the same amount of time as traditional dental crowns, about 10-15 years, before needing to be replaced. However, with these maintenance tips, you can extend the longevity of your CEREC crowns. Reducing wear and tear and staining should be your top priority.

Over time, the ceramic materials that your crowns are made of can become worn down or chip and crack. If you suffer from teeth grinding, always wear a mouthguard when you sleep at night. Avoid chewing on hard and sticky foods like hard candies, popcorn, and toffee.

While it’s incredibly common for people to chew on their nails or bite down on ice out of habit, this can be damaging for your dental crowns. Never use your teeth to open packages or to chew on objects. Reduce your consumption of staining foods and drinks such as wine, coffee, tea, and dark-colored fruits and juices.

Practice good oral hygiene by brushing your teeth twice a day with a soft-bristle toothbrush and ADA-approved fluoride toothpaste. Floss at least once a day and don’t neglect to brush your tongue which harbors a lot of bacteria.

The ADA recommends visiting the dentist for a dental cleaning and checkup every 6 months. our dentist can check on the condition of your dental crowns and determine if they need to be repaired or replaced.

Schedule a Consultation

Experience the CEREC difference today! If you’re interested in CEREC dental crowns, contact us at SouthEnd Dentistry today to schedule a consultation with Charlotte emergency dentist .


Crowns in a Day?

3D scanning and in-office fabrication technologies have made it possible to create and place crowns in a single day.

Crowns in a Day?

3D scanning and in-office fabrication technologies have made it possible to create and place crowns in a single day.

Why Is It Important?

Every time you visit us, we learn a little bit more about your smile, and give you the latest recommendations for maintaining your oral health. If we spot any issues such as irregular tooth alignment or buildup associated with cavity formation, we’ll do our best to recommend the most effective preemptive measures. The most severe and painful circumstances are often easily resolved when caught early enough, so make sure you make the time to fit our dentist into your schedule.