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Charlotte Emergency Dentist

Dental Emergencies in Charlotte

When teeth are broken or lost unexpectedly, it’s a good idea to get professional help as soon as possible. The most important thing you can do in an emergency situation is stay calm, and give the emergency Charlotte dentists at SouthEnd Dentistry a call. The team here at SouthEnd Dentistry is happy to fit in your dental emergencies so that you can get out of pain and back to normal now! Contact us today!

Avoid Infection

Taking the proper steps to fight bacteria in a dental emergency is paramount to protecting your oral health!

Avoid Infection

Taking the proper steps to fight bacteria in a dental emergency is paramount to protecting your oral health!

Am I Experiencing an Emergency?



Broken Teeth

If you think you are in a dental emergency situation, do your best to stay calm. You negate many risks by keeping a cool head and not doing anything drastic. Common dental emergencies range from breaking a tooth to having a severe toothache.

The feeling of a broken tooth is as unmistakable as it is unfamiliar, but our dentist knows how to fix it. If you discover you have broken a tooth or teeth, be sure to rinse out your mouth with warm water. Spit onto a towel and try to recover every broken piece you can. Stop any bleeding with gauze, then contact SouthEnd Dentistry!




Missing Teeth

People lose full teeth for two main reasons: sports injuries and disease. If your get a tooth knocked out the first thing you should do is find the missing tooth! Once found, rinse with warm water and place it back in its socket. If the tooth does not fit in the socket, keep it in a sealed container with your own saliva or milk. Attempt to stop the bleeding with gauze, then contact our dentist.

If you have a loose or missing tooth and have not suffered an injury, it could be a sign of serious dental issues. Again, you’ll want to find the tooth and keep it moist until you’re able to come in for an appointment. Whether you’ve lost the tooth for good or it is able to be salvaged, the team at SouthEnd will make sure you’re smiling again as quickly as we can.




Sinus pressure or other illnesses can put pressure on your teeth, but sometimes severe toothaches are a symptom of cavities or other oral infections. If you are experiencing a toothache, the best course of action is to clean out the mouth with warm water and floss to make sure the ache isn’t being caused by a latent piece of food. If the ache persists, take an over the counter pain medication to reduce swelling and contact us here at SouthEnd Dentistry.


Bitten Lip or Tongue

Usually these injuries tend to clear up on their own. If you’ve bitten your lip or tongue and there is bleeding, apply pressure and gauze until the bleeding stops, then clean and cover the wound. If the bleeding continues, make arrangements to visit us.


Why Do I Need Immediate Dental Care After An Accident?

Getting immediate dental care helps you treat the pain and discomfort of a dental injury as soon as possible. Conditions like a cracked or damaged tooth can be incredibly painful and will prevent you from living your day-to-day life until you get the proper care.

Emergency care after an accident helps prevent further damage to your teeth and ensures you avoid common complications down the road. For example, a cracked tooth may only require treatment with a dental crown if you get help right away. However, if you delay treatment, your tooth may develop an infection and require treatment with a root canal. Timely dental care maximizes the chances of saving your tooth. Some conditions like a knocked-out tooth must be treated within 1-2 hours for optimal results.  

Recognizing The Signs Of An Infected Tooth

An infected tooth is a serious dental emergency. If you do not get care for an infected tooth right away, it will only get worse. Your tooth may eventually die, and require extraction and replacement with a restoration like a dental implant. If you get treatment right away with a root canal, though, our team can save your tooth and restore your smile.

The most common sign of an infected tooth is a serious, prolonged toothache that lasts more than a day or two. Other signs and symptoms to look out for include sensitivity to heat and cold, pain or sensitivity when chewing, inflammation around the tooth, and discoloration of the affected tooth. In serious cases of infection, the cheek and area around the tooth may even be swollen. If you recognize one or more of these symptoms, come see us for an emergency appointment right away. Immediate care is required to ensure you can save your tooth. 

What Should I Do About A Loose Or Knocked-Out Tooth?

If your tooth has been knocked loose in an accident, don’t panic. Stay calm and come see us right away. We can splint your tooth to the adjacent teeth, and ensure that it heals properly. However, it’s important to come see us within 1-2 hours of your injury. 

If your tooth is knocked out, come to our office immediately for emergency care. Ideally, your tooth should be re-implanted within 1 hour, though it may be possible to save it up to 2 hours after your accident. Find your tooth and rinse it with warm water. Be sure to only grab it by the top (crown), not the bottom (root), and replace it in the socket or put it in a container of milk to keep it moist. Then, come into our office ASAP. Don’t delay. The longer you wait to come in, the less likely it is that we’ll be able to save your tooth. Call us today!


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