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Bonding & Contouring


Over time, teeth can chip or break, leaving us with less than perfect smiles. Sometimes our teeth are naturally a bit misshapen, or don’t look quite as full as we would hope, but a little reshaping can go a long way. The assistance of the Charlotte dental team at SouthEnd Dentistry, can give you the smile you’ve been after. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!




When a tooth breaks, but the root remains intact, bonding lets us save your natural base with a sturdy synthetic material. The bonding process uses materials that match the natural look and feel of your teeth, and do a fantastic job of restoring function to broken and chipped teeth in very little time. Bonded teeth tend to last a long time when cared for properly, and are easily treated in a single visit.



THE Bonding Process

Before our team gets out the bonding solution, he prepares the surface of the chipped or broken tooth by cleaning the area and etching small grooves into the surface. These grooves will serve to anchor the bonding material. Once the tooth is prepared, the dentist will apply the bonding solution in layers. Little by little the new tooth is built. When the application is complete, your cosmetic dentist in Charlotte will then refine the shape and surface of the tooth to create a natural look and feel.



Your dentist may recommend contouring to transform the teeth into more appealing shapes. The process of contouring requires some reduction using a drill or laser, but the results are beautifully shaped teeth that are worth smiling about.

Gingival Contouring

For gums that are too large or uneven SouthEnd Dentistry offers state-of-the-art contouring surgery using Ezlase Diode Lasers. This process is beneficial for those suffering from certain periodontal infections. It can also be used as a cosmetic treatment. The process is simple. A high-powered laser is used to remove excess gum tissue slowly and precisely until they match the rest of your smile. A consultation with a Charlotte emergency dentist dentist will determine if this treatment is right for you.