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Are CEREC Crowns as Good as Traditional Crowns?

If you’re contemplating crowns to restore damaged teeth, it’s essential to understand your material choices and nuanced differences. Innovations like CEREC crowns get a lot of hype. But are they equally as good as the traditional lab-fabricated versions? Let’s dive deeper into evaluating the key benefits and limitations of each to determine which works best in specific cases.

The Advanced Technology Behind CEREC Restorations

CEREC utilizes advanced digital technology to create full crowns right in the dental chair. Through CAD/CAM software, a 3D model of the prepared tooth is input to precisely mill a ceramic crown. This happens in a single morning or afternoon appointment. The device produces durable, custom-matched restorations with excellent margins in under an hour. These high tech crowns get placed immediately, letting you walk out with a fully permanent smile.

Customized Precision from Lab-Made Crowns

Dental laboratory crowns use more traditional methods of impressions and models. Your dentist takes a mold of your prepped tooth, which gets cast in stone. Highly skilled technicians handcraft the crown to your unique specifications, often layering porcelains to mimic enamel translucency. Although delivery takes two visits and one-two weeks, the esthetic precision and longevity is unmatched. 

Ideal Applications for Each Crown Type

So which choice prevails – CEREC or lab crowns? Each option offers definite advantages where ideal applications differ case by case. Custom-milled digital CEREC restorations work exceptionally for back teeth or simple single-crown cases. Whereas dental lab artisans excel creating multi-unit bridges and Stacked crowns with unbeatable lifelike esthetics. Regardless of your needs, your dentist suggests the most suitable materials.

Blending Proven Materials with Digital Innovation  

Rather than view CEREC and lab crowns as exclusive options, many dentists artfully combine them. A base CEREC coping capped by hand-stacked porcelain marries strength, convenience and beauty in one restoration. This exemplifies how blending technological advances with time-tested dental lab skills leads to the best possible outcomes. Discuss hybrid approaches with your dentist to determine if a mix of methods optimizes your treatment.

Armed with these clarifications, which type of crown do you feel most confident moving forward with? Share any lingering questions so we can craft a custom plan just right for your needs.

Trust Our Balanced Guidance for Your Ideal Smile

Advancements like CEREC undoubtedly move dentistry forward yet time-honored techniques still reign supreme when health and artistry must coexist. This fuels lively debates on blending trusted materials with emerging technologies to uphold patient interests first. 

As both your dentist and advisor, we take an oath to stay objective, lest the winds of change compromise care quality for those we serve. Our advanced training combined with years of real-world experience have taught us to weigh clinical evidence over trends. We keep open minds to progress yet reinforce fundamentals.

Your long term health and happiness steer every recommendation we make. Rather than push innovations for innovation’s sake alone, we take a balanced approach. Formulating integrative treatment plans, we artfully incorporate both cutting edge solutions and classic restorative methods as appropriate to give you the best possible outcome. 

You deserve confidence in every dental decision knowing it comes from research and facts not internet chatter. We pledge to earn your trust by transparently presenting each option on the table so we find the right fit together. Progress never stops but quality care remains timeless when guided by ethical, compassionate experts devoted to your wellbeing.

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