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How Can Sedation Help With Dental Anxiety?

We offer both laughing gas (nitrous oxide) sedation and deeper, pill-based oral conscious sedation at SouthEnd Dentistry. We always wants our patients to feel safe and comfortable, especially if they have dental anxiety. 

If you’re scared and intimidated by dentistry in South End, Dilworth, Myers Park, or Uptown, we’re here to help. Wondering how sedation at our office can help you overcome your dental anxiety? Find out below. 

Fight Back Against Feelings Of Fear

Both nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation ease feelings of fear, providing you with a sense of calm, peace, and even euphoria. Along with our gentle approach to dental care in South End, being sedated will ensure that you have a positive experience at SouthEnd Dentistry. 

Sedation at the dentist is also very safe! Our team has years of experience treating patients with anxiety, and we will discuss your health before your procedure, monitor you throughout treatment, and take many other steps to ensure you’re sedated safely during your appointment.

Avoid Pain & Discomfort

Nitrous oxide and pill-based sedation both help raise your pain threshold and pain tolerance. Basically, they interact with certain receptors in your body to make you feel more comfortable. 

Along with local numbing, this means that even patients with a very low tolerance for discomfort can get the professional dental care they need from us at SouthEnd Dentistry. 

Help With Fear Of Needles

Even people who have no dental anxiety or limited dental anxiety may feel really scared or intimidated by the numbing needles required for most treatments. Fear of needles is even more common than fear of the dentist!

Sedation can help. With local anesthetic and sedation at our office, you will be able to relax as the dentist numbs your mouth deeply using a needle. Don’t let your fear of needles prevent you from getting the dental care you need!

Sleep Through And/Or Forget Your Appointment

If you choose oral sedation with a pill, you will start to feel very sleepy and groggy when your appointment starts. You may feel drowsy and drift off, or even fall asleep completely, though you won’t be unconscious.

Oral sedation also typically causes “anterograde amnesia,” which means that you may forget what happens during your appointment. Patients with serious dental anxiety or phobia often find this to be helpful. 

Get Treatment With A Strong Gag Reflex

If you have a strong gag reflex, you may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed if you gag during treatment. Sedation can help. Laughing gas and oral sedation both can help impair your gag reflex, keeping you feeling comfortable during procedures involving your rear teeth.

Got Dental Anxiety? SouthEnd Dentistry Is Here To Help!

To explore your options for sedation in further detail, just contact us online or give us a call at (704) 335-8266 to schedule an appointment right away.

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