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How Long Do All-on-4® Implants Last?

Missing teeth is a condition many people go through, either because of oral health issues or because they suffered some trauma or accident. 

Replacing missing teeth is something you need to consider, as it allows for the whole mouth to function harmoniously without putting extra pressure on the remaining teeth or experiencing problems with the integrity of the jawbone.

Different treatments replace missing teeth, with dental implants in Charlotte being one of them. 

But, if you have more than just one tooth missing, you may have heard about All-on-4® implants. 

What are they, and how do they work?

What Are All-on-4® Implants?

This dental technique is ideal when you have more than just one missing tooth. This type of implant will allow the replacement of an entire arch of teeth with just four implants instead of placing an implant for each missing tooth. 

The arch will look and feel just like natural teeth. This type of treatment is very reliable and safe, as well as efficient as it will save you from having to go through a lengthy dental implant procedure. 

This dental technique is also known as same-day teeth implants. 

Benefits of Having All-on-4® Dental Implants

Besides the obvious advantage of having a full, functional mouth, All-on-4 implants come with other benefits that include:

  • A procedure that saves time 
  • Less invasive compared to other restorative procedures 
  • Successful, comfortable results 
  • Restores bone density 
  • Restores facial structure
  • Suited for people that have lost jawbone density

How Long Do All-on-4® Implants Last?

Another benefit of having All-on-4® implants is their longevity. This type of restorative dental treatment can last up to 20 years if the patient takes good care of them. 

The implant posts would not have to be replaced, but the dentures will eventually need a replacement as they will wear down over time. Or, if you have an incident and one of the crowns gets chipped or cracked, then you will have to replace it. 

Tips to Make Your All-on-4® Implants Last Longer 

Besides the fact that these implants are very resistant and durable, you can also make sure they last for as long as possible with a few care tips we will share with you:

  • Practice good oral health hygiene on a daily basis 
  • Go to dental check-ups at least twice a year 
  • Be mindful of the foods you are eating and do not bite and chew hard foods
  • Avoid using your teeth as tools 
  • Reduced healing time
  • Flexibility in terms of design and fit

These are just a few tips you can take into account to better care for your All-on-4® implants. You will also receive a set of recommendations from your dentist after the treatment is over, so make sure to follow them to the letter. 

Interested in Restorative Dentistry? We Can Help! 

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